The Resident Evil 7 player has discovered interesting details about the final boss of the game


The Resident Evil 7 player has discovered something interesting about the main antagonist of the game. This is one of the small details that can be found in the title, but it can be quite peculiar if you see it. This raises questions about the game’s villain and adds a bit of levity to a terrifying title like Resident Evil 7.

In a horror series, there are often small elements that can be detected by sharp eyes. This includes details about Resident Evil villains that many will miss while playing the games. These pieces of information help to show how much attention has been paid to the titles, as well as how observant some fans are.

A Reddit user known as I_Bought_At_The_Top posted an image showing a collection of shoes in a box found in Baker’s house, in which the action of Resident Evil 7 takes place. There are 11 shoes in total, and they all have the same design. The redditor mentions that these are Jordan 4 sneakers, and that the whole box costs a substantial amount of money. I_Bought_At_The_Top even claims that Evelyn, the main antagonist of the game, is a “head in sneakers” due to the fact that she has so much Jordan 4. This is an amazing thing that can be found inside the game, and something that many players may just miss or not know when going through Resident Evil 7.

These shoe models in RE7 belong to Jordan 4. This box will cost about $6,000. Evelyn was a sneaker fan. from the abode of evil

Some Reddit users liked what I_Bought_At_The_Top found, and the post currently has over 1,000 votes. One user commented that it’s the attention to detail they like to see, while another mentioned the fact that someone from Capcom probably uploaded their sneakers to the game because everything in Resident Evil 7 is scanned in 3D. One Reddit user joked that they like to imagine how the basketball team drove around the Bakers’ house and their bus broke down.

I_Bought_At_The_Top is just one gamer who discovered something interesting in a horror game. A Reddit user under the nickname felix_fidelis found a very strange and frightening place for the grandmother of Resident Evil 7, confined to a wheelchair. When revisiting the areas from the earlier name, felix_fidelis saw that Baker’s grandmother could appear in the underground between the hatch and the laundry room. It has also been observed that her eyes will follow the player when he gets close enough, although her head never moves. It’s these little things that help Resident Evil 7 remain creepy even after more than five years of absence.

Resident Evil 7 is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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