The remote breakup with Jane Foster from “Thor 2” is better suited to the arch of Thor


The deleted scene of “Thor: The Kingdom of Darkness”, in which Jane Foster breaks up with Thor, would be much better suited to the general arch of Thor. Starting with the first Thor film in 2012, the arch of the Thunder God is rooted in his relationships with other characters, such as his relationship with Loki. Thor’s other important relationship in the films is with Jane Foster, a brilliant scientist he meets on Earth. While their relationship is explored in Thor 2, between Thor 2 and Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and Jane go their separate ways.

Despite the box office success of “Thor 2”, it is usually considered one of the weakest MCU films. Some of these shortcomings are related to changes in post-production. The director of “Dark World” Alan Taylor previously spoke about his original vision of the film, which had more of a child’s miracle, but there were other significant changes. In addition to Loki’s return, it seems Alan Taylor intended to separate Thor and Jane. It should have been unambiguous, with the breakup scene between Thor and Jane being cut from the final film. In the finished issue, Thor returns to Earth in the post-credits scene to kiss Jane.

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder shows Thor reuniting with Jane, who now owns Mjolnir. Thor seems to still be worried about their breakup, as he knows the exact time of separation when Jane asks: “Eight years, seven months and six days, give or take.” Thor’s comments show that he misses Jane, and hint that their “mutual reset,” as he put it in “Thor: Ragnarok,” may not have been so mutual. Considering that the breakup clearly meant so much to Thor, looking back, it’s strange that their breakup was left behind the scenes. Their reunion in “Love and Thunder” would have had much more weight if viewers had seen Thor and Jane Foster break up in “The Dark World.” Whether Thor and Jane’s romance will be fully revived remains to be seen, but a breakup in the movie “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” would add emotional significance to the upcoming film.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” may finally give Thor Odinson a fully realized arch beyond his family. Although Thor and Jane may get close again, it is confirmed that her breast cancer storyline from the comics will be explored. If the film follows the plot of Jane Foster comics/Mighty Thor, she will become weaker every time she transforms into Mighty Thor and uses her powers. If so, Thor: Love and Thunder may include Jane’s death. While her death would certainly ensure the development of Thor’s character, ultimately, his arc must come from self-acceptance. It’s clear that Thor wants Jane, but he needs to find himself outside of God and outside of the Avengers.

Thor, even by the standards of the Avengers, is difficult to communicate with, which may also be the reason that Thor undergoes many changes throughout the MCU. Watching Thor and Jane break up in the “Dark World” would help make it much more appealing. Although he may be a god, he still makes mistakes, and given Thor’s behavior in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s not hard to guess that Thor could have messed up the relationship. If they reconcile in Thor: Love and Thunder, the context of why and how they broke up will inevitably be revealed. However, “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” could have laid the groundwork for this instead of leaving Taika Waititi to pick up the pieces of Thor’s broken relationship.