The remake of Ryan Reynolds’ Clue Is Still Happening, He’s Taken a Big Step Forward


Since the remake of Clue was first announced in 2018, there haven’t been too many updates other than Ryan Reynolds starring in the detective. But everything changed when new developments were announced recently. Years after the remake stalled, it’s still happening, and just took a big step forward in production.

In an exclusive issue of Deadline, it is reported that the co-author of The Lost City script, Oren Uziel, was involved in rewriting the original script. After the success of the romantic comedy in the action genre, Uziel intervenes to rewrite the original sketch of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It is unclear whether the film’s screenwriter will completely rewrite or simply remake some scenes and characters.

Oren Uziel’s rewriting of Rhett Reese-Paul Wernick’s script is not the first change that the remake of Clue has faced since the announcement of the film. The remake was originally supposed to be released by Universal Pictures, but was later discontinued. It was picked up by 20th Century Fox. Fox is still in the frame, and eOne and Ryan Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort Productions is overseeing the production. Jason Bateman was originally appointed to direct the detective film. In the end, he turned down the remake of “Evidence”, citing the fact that the break period in the Ozarks on Netflix did not give him enough time to shoot the film. After the actor’s departure from The Ozarks, it was announced that Muppets director James Bobin would take Bateman’s place.

Despite all these changes, Ryan Reynolds remained the constant protagonist of the detective film. As the script is being rewritten, it will be some time before viewers know who will join Reynolds among the colorful characters.

The detective genre has been revived thanks to such films as “Get Knives” and “The Girl on the Train”, and it’s time to restart “Evidence”. The original 1985 board game adaptation became a cult classic thanks to home video after it disappointed critics and commerce upon release. The board game movie featured all the stars, including Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Madeleine Kahn and Leslie Ann Warren. The comedy about mysterious murders set the tone for the genre after the audience hesitated in its support of mysterious murders.

The remake of “Evidence” is just one of several upcoming projects Ryan Reynolds is currently working on, including “Deadpool 3” and an unnamed project with John Krasinski. Of course, Reynolds seemed to be done with his acting break, as he was seen working with his trainer for the triquel.

But viewers won’t have to wait long to see the 45-year-old actor as he and Rob McElhenny of Mythic Quest document their purchase of a Welsh Association football club in the FX documentary series Welcome to Wrexham, as shown in a surprisingly emotional trailer. The premiere of the documentary series will take place on August 24. Since no new Ryan Reynolds films will be released in the near future, new films are waiting for us in 2022.


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