The remake of Knights of the Old Republic may have a new developer, but that’s not all

There was a lot of excitement in the Force last month, as if millions of voices cried out in horror over reports that the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being postponed indefinitely. It’s no secret that KOTOR remains one of the most popular Star Wars games to date, and fans have been asking for a triquel or remake for years. Their wishes seemed to be heard when Aspyr announced it was working on a remake on PlayStation Showcase last year.
After the initial hype passed, there were many concerns. This has nothing to do with the trailer, which doesn’t really represent the game, but KOTOR Remake will be by far Aspyr’s biggest project. He’s never done anything on this scale before, and while outsiders always need support, now really isn’t the time. The release of The Force Unleashed and the initially buggy and broken KOTOR 2 port on Switch, both from Aspyr, did not inspire confidence, and it seems that the record was on the wall due to the delay of KOTOR Remake.
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According to the initial Bloomberg report, this internal delay of Knights of the Old Republic Remake occurred because the executives were not impressed with the demo of the game, despite the fact that Aspyr felt good. This led to the fact that the two main developers of the game were fired, its development was suspended indefinitely, and Aspyr took up another job after working on this game for about 3 years. Now, although the publisher Embracer Group did not name names, it recently confirmed that one of its titles has been transferred to another developer: “This was done to ensure that the quality bar was at the level that we need for the name. material delays for the title based on this transition.”
The Bloomberg report says that some Aspyr developers believed that Saber Interactive would take over the project management because it helped, and although this is not directly confirmed, this is indeed the situation now. It is possible that the work on KOTOR Remake, which is now headed by Saber, is moving again, and this worries many fans, but unfortunately, this is not necessarily the good news that fans want.
Knights of the Old Republic Demonstrates the first major red flag of Hell Development
While Aspyr apparently intended to release KOTOR Remake in 2022, the new estimates make 2025 more realistic. Sabre Interactive has more experience with high-profile projects outside of Star Wars, as it has worked on highly acclaimed games such as Halo: Combat Evolved Remake, Halo Master Chief Collection, and the Switch port for The Witcher 3, but this change of hands and new score is a red flag. It looks like KOTOR Remake may be in the very early stages of hell development.
For context, Dead Island 2 is probably the most certain “hell in development” game right now. It was shown at E3 2014, but since then it has changed hands several times, and 8 years later nothing was known about the game, despite the fact that the initial trailer appeared at the presentation. Recent leaks suggest that the release date of Dead Island 2 is set for February, but after such intense development, many doubt this and wonder if the game will ever be released. At the same time, there are concerns about the quality of the name. Dead Island 2 may be in hell at a late stage of development, but KOTOR Remake is showing signs of hell at an early stage of development right now.
If Saber does not cope with this task, it is possible that Embracer will transfer the project again. And every change of hands means a change of vision and skills, means an increase in development time and means that more things can be typed to meet the publisher’s requirements. Now it would be great to make a mistake. It would be great if Sabre Interactive took this KOTOR Remake project, completely ran away with it, smoothly developed from that moment (as smoothly as possible) and released the title for amazing reviews in 2025. But now few people believe in it, and the project is another failure due to the fact that it finally fell into the hell of development.
The remake of Knights of the Old Republic may have resumed development for the PS5.


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