The remake of Dead Space is coming! Here is the price and release date


The price of the pre-order of the remake of Dead Space and the release date became known. EA, which has released a new gameplay trailer, has started accepting pre-orders.

Dead Space, one of the iconic thriller series in the gaming world, is back. After Dead Space 3, announced in 2013, shelved the series, EA wants to please its fans with a new game. The developer of the game Motive shared the gameplay trailer of the remake of Dead Space. The pre-order price of Dead Space was also announced.

The remake of Dead Space is open for pre-order

A new gameplay trailer for Dead Space has been released. The approximately two-minute video revisits the protagonist Isaac Clarke and the mining vessel USG Ishimura. The game, which will remain associated with Dead Space, released in 2008, will offer a much more modern gameplay, as well as delight players with its visual and sound quality.

The remake will also feature the conversations of the main character Isaac. It is worth noting that in the original game the character does not have a conversation scene. As a story, it will follow the game in 2008 and cover Isaac’s search for his girlfriend Nicole.

The remake, first announced during the EA Live 21 broadcast last year, will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on January 27, 2023. The pre-order prices for Dead Space, which are currently available on Steam, are as follows:

Remake of Dead Space: 999.99 Turkish Lira
Remake of Dead Space Deluxe: 1 199.99 Turkish Lira

Although this is not such a new game to impress fans of the series, it will give the opportunity to both replay the original Dead Space and experience a much more advanced experience.

It should be noted that to date, the Dead Space series has been developed by EA Visceral Games. The new remake is being handled by Motive Studio, known to us from the Star Wars series. Although they say they stick with the original game, there is a chance that we will see a brand new Dead Space.


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