The remade trailer begs the question: What if Ari Astaire from Hereditary had shot Pixar’s Up?


One movie fan created a completely new image for Pixar’s Up. The animated film was released in 2009 under the direction of Pete Docter, who directed a number of animated films, including “Monster Corporation”, “Puzzle” and the Oscar-winning film “Soul”. The newly invented trailer for “Up” combines the beloved Docter movie with the style of horror director Ari Astaire to create a brand new movie.

In 2010, “Up Doctor” was nominated for 5 Academy Awards, including “Best Film”. Pixar’s Up will receive awards for Best Animated Film and Best Original Soundtrack. Astaire’s horror films have also received a number of awards, including from the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, which focuses on awarding horror and thriller films.

The redesigned trailer begins with the A24 corporate logo, and then takes viewers into the familiar landscape of Up. Carl (voiced by Ed Asner) is confronted by a builder who insists that businessmen want to buy his house in order to continue building the area. As in Pixar’s Up, Carl refuses, noting that this man can get his house after his death. Vekze, the creator of the terrifying “Up” trailer, uses a series of quick cuts of various scenes from the animated film, filled with shadows, silhouettes and a certain emptiness present in the Pixar film. Carl’s marriage to Ellie is a huge part of “Up,” and the new horror trailer doesn’t lose sight of that. Instead, the trailer suggests that something much more sinister may have happened to Ellie. The trailer is complemented by branded horror music that evokes an unsettling feeling, as well as a title card with the inscription “Upside Down”.

There are no visual effects in the reimagined trailer for “Up” that weren’t there before in “Up”. Instead, the creator speeds up some scenes, interrupting them at critical moments to create tension. The unexpected appearance of some of the characters “Up” and their journey to Paradise Falls is an ideal basis for the appearance of harmful, unforeseen circumstances. The trailer also immediately introduces Charles Munz (voiced by Christopher Plummer) as a rather sinister character. The audience is familiar with Munz’s sinister motives in the film, and the newly invented trailer does not shy away from them.

Using Astaire’s own style to create the trailer, “Up” can now be viewed as a potential horror movie. Astaire previously directed Legacy and Solstice, which starred Toni Collette, Florence Pugh, Alex Wolfe, Millie Shapiro, Will Poulter, William Jackson Harper, Gabriel Byrne and Jack Raynor. Aster’s third feature film is “Boulevard of Disappointment”. it is planned to be released this year. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Patti Lupone, Nathan Lane, Amy Ryan, Parker Posey, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Michael Gandolfini, Zoe Lister-Jones, Richard Kinde and some others. Boulevard of Disappointment. It will also be the third collaboration between Aster and A24.

No matter how far-fetched the combination of Docter and Aster styles may seem, many who watched the trailer wondered where the animated horror films had gone. Tim Burton’s films “The Corpse of the Bride” and “Frankenweenie” are often highly appreciated, as well as films directed by Henry Selick “The Nightmare before Christmas” and “Coraline”. In 2019, The Addams Family was transformed into an animated film. Selik will add to his resume of animated horror films the release of “Wendell and Wilde” from Netflix, which features the voice of horror director Jordan Peele. Perhaps the newly invented trailer “Up” will inspire the creation of a new series of animated horror films.

Up is now streaming on Disney Plus, and Midsommar and Heritage are now streaming on Showtime.


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