The release of Call of Duty from PlayStation platforms may be bad news for Destiny fans on Xbox


It’s no secret that the future of Call of Duty availability has been a source of controversy lately, primarily due to Microsoft’s record purchase of Activision Blizzard earlier this year. Although nothing has been fully confirmed at the moment, there have been numerous debates and concerns among leading industry representatives about which platforms the franchise will be available on in the near future.

With PlayStation being the leading voice behind these Call of Duty-related industry issues, many fans are concerned that the working relationship between the two console giants could deteriorate in the near future. Given that PlayStation recently acquired Destiny developer Bungie, the future of the Destiny franchise on Xbox may be in jeopardy.

Call of Duty Console Availability

For almost two decades, Call of Duty has consistently been one of the most frequent and popular franchises in all games, serving as one of the defining IP addresses of the first-person multiplayer game that has thrived on consoles. As the scale and scope of the franchise is only growing after the intense recent success of the Call of Duty Warzone battle royale, it can be said that Call of Duty is currently one of the most important and profitable franchises a company can own.

Back in January of this year, Microsoft shocked the entire entertainment industry by buying the famous Activision Blizzard game studio for $ 68.7 billion. Although the deal has not yet been officially finalized, the relatively high probability that it will be completed has understandably caused other platforms to worry about the possible loss of access to such final and binding intellectual property.

Xbox has been very open with its ideal of “games for everyone” due to the recent wave of acquisitions, and Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has publicly written to Sony’s Jim Ryan to confirm that Microsoft has no plans to make the Xbox franchise exclusive in the foreseeable future. future. While this is undoubtedly positive for PlayStation’s prospects, concerns that Xbox may gradually change its position over time could lead Sony to use its own franchises to level the playing field or create a stalemate.

The Future of Destiny on Consoles

PlayStation has been very vocal about its concerns about Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, which means it’s quite possible that the company will try to impose its own accessibility restrictions on studios it owns. While it’s true that Sony doesn’t have the same level of purchasing power as Microsoft to facilitate the same large-scale business acquisitions, the popular Destiny franchise can be a tricky trump card.

Sony acquired Destiny developer Bungie for $3.6 billion back in January, around the same time news of the Xbox deal with Activision was spreading. While Bungie was initially known for leading the famous Halo franchise for Xbox, the company has since achieved success in the popular online first-person shooter series Destiny, which is now distributed under the name Sony.

Historically, the Destiny franchise has been available on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as on PC, but the uncertainty surrounding the future of Call of Duty could mean that Destiny on Xbox consoles could be caught in the crossfire between the two gaming giants. If Call of Duty eventually becomes fully focused on Xbox consoles, or even becomes exclusive to them, Sony may well pull Destiny from Xbox to mitigate the resulting damage to its profits.

Of course, this is all speculation at the moment, and many are of the opinion that the revenue that PlayStation Call of Duty fans bring to the franchise outweighs Microsoft’s potential benefits by excluding the platform from future releases. At the same time, PlayStation’s public discomfort in connection with the deal with Activision may turn into misfortune for Destiny fans on Xbox in the near future.


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