The release date of the second season of “Yellow Vests” is not expected until next year


Fans of the Yellow Vests got good news earlier this year when it became known that the Showtime series would receive a second season. However, it turns out that these fans will have to wait a while to see Ella Pernell and the rest of the crew return to television.

“Yellow Jackets” tells about a group of female soccer players who end up in a difficult situation and struggle for survival after their plane crashes. The high school students will have to fight and find a way to survive until salvation comes. The second half of the incredibly popular Showtime series takes place years after the girls were rescued, and focuses on several of those girls who have now grown up and are hiding some secrets of their stay in the forest. It is not surprising that such a series will leave season 1 unanswered to some questions, but it will take a little time before any of these questions will be answered.

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Earlier this week, co-creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson spoke with The Wrap about when production of the show will begin and when fans can see it. It turns out that the production of the second season of “Yellow Jackets” will begin at the end of this month. They added that, in their opinion, if everything goes as expected and they can stick to their schedule, filming will take place sometime in February 2023. The showrunners added that the program could air “soon” after that.

This latest information may be good news, even if fans will definitely have to wait more than a year for the second season of the Yellow Jackets. It depends on what “soon” means, but it’s possible that the show’s production could move fast enough so that the next part could air by summer, rather than fall. Lyle and Nickerson also said they understand that some fans may really want to see the next season of the Yellow Jackets, given its interesting history and atmosphere. They said that “no one” wanted to get the show back on the air faster than they did. However, the schedule is as it is at the moment.

At least part of the reason why the second season of “Yellow Jackets” took a little longer to air is that everyone involved wanted to make sure it was as good as possible. Both showrunners were quick to point out that they don’t want to risk that the second season won’t be as good as the first season of “Yellow Vests.”

The second season of “Yellow Vests” is expected to appear on Showtime in 2023.


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