The release date of the cooperative shooter Second Extinction has been announced


Second Extinction from developer Systematic Reaction has attracted a lot of attention since its first announcement in May 2020. The combination of dinosaurs, co—op and first-person shooter is a formula that makes sense. Since its announcement, Second Extinction has been launched in early access and has since been significantly expanded and polished based on player feedback. Now Systematic Reaction is ready to take the next step. Second Extinction now has an officially confirmed release date.

On Thursday, a new trailer for Second Extinction was released, confirming the release date of the shooter. The trailer offers a quick look at the many benefits of Second Extinction. It reveals many of the explored environments of Second Extinction, a variety of dinosaur enemies that players will fight, fight with various weapons, and tease the larger enemies they will face. The trailer ends with confirmation that Second Extinction will leave early Access on October 20.

Along with confirming that Second Extinction is leaving early access, Systematic Reaction also hints at what players can expect from the full version. The trailer specifically mentions that you need to explore more, hunt more and fight more. To be more specific, there are new maps, battle pass and confirmed new progression systems, and of course new dinosaurs, both small and large, that players can fight.

It is important to recognize that Second Extinction was planned as a game with a live service from the moment of its first announcement. With this in mind, the full release will surely be just the first step in Systematic Reaction’s plans for the future of the game. Once it comes out, it’s just the beginning for Second Extinction. From there, Systematic Reaction’s goals will revolve around retaining players and expanding the game with new content and rewards so that it continues to live beyond 2022.

Although it wasn’t mentioned in a recent announcement, Systematic Reaction mentioned that it plans to increase the price of Second Extinction after its launch. The game was and remains available at a price of $24.99 in Steam Early Access. It’s unclear when the price will be raised, but those who are interested in buying the game may want to do it sooner rather than later.

In the relatively near future, Second Extinction will come to the forefront of a wave of cooperative shooters. In fact, another cooperative dinosaur shooter, Exoprimal from Capcom, recently conducted network testing, and it has more planned in the near future. In addition, there is PvE Overwatch 2, Redfall and much more. Second Extinction hopes to leave its mark quickly.

Second Extinction is released on October 20 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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