The release date of God of War Ragnarok could be postponed due to a controversial decision of the Supreme Court


It was originally planned that the launch of God of War Ragnarok would take place in 2021, but the release date of the game was postponed indefinitely in 2022. An official release date for God of War Ragnarok has not yet been announced at the time of this writing, but the game is still expected to drop later this year. A recent industry insider post gives more information about Sony’s plans to reveal the release date of God of War Ragnarok and the potential reason why it was postponed.

Industry insider and Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier took to the Resetera forums to confirm that Sony planned to announce the release date of God of War Ragnarok yesterday, June 30. presumably along with leaked collectibles and Jotnar editions. However, Sony has reportedly decided to postpone the announcement of the release date of God of War Ragnarok for unknown reasons. Schreier suggests that this may have been due to the Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Although this is just a guess, it makes a lot of sense if you look at the history of Sony, which pushed back events in response to important political and historical events. As some may remember, Sony postponed the presentation of the PlayStation 5 after the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent worldwide Black Lives Matter protests. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade also sparked protests, so perhaps Sony wanted to wait for a less turbulent week to draw attention to God of War Ragnarok.

Schreier’s message on Resetera then repeated that the release date of God of War Ragnarok “is still scheduled for November.” Although Sony has not provided an official release window or a specific month for the release date of God of War Ragnarok, there have long been rumors of a November launch. “The people working on it say it’s huge and seem very excited about it. Reminds me of the hype I heard before the 2018 release.”

Regardless of why Sony decided to push back the release date of God of War Ragnarok, the good news is that it seems fans don’t have to worry about rescheduling the game to 2023. The only question is when exactly in November God of War Ragnarok will be launched so that fans can mark their calendars accordingly. Of course, from now until Sony decides to announce a release date, things can change, and fans should keep that in mind before getting too excited.

Whenever Sony announces the release date of God of War Ragnarok, it will be interesting to see if it will be accompanied by a fresh look at the game. Currently, Sony has not released many trailers of the God of War Ragnarok gameplay, although this may be done in order to keep important plot points of the game secret.

God of War Ragnarok is expected to be released later this year for PS4 and PS5.