The Relaunch of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Could Continue One Ingenious Horror Trend


Rob Zombie’s reboot of The Munsters is a major departure from his filmography, and the film can successfully follow the trend of R–rated genre filmmakers despite its PG rating. Zombie movies are full of references to horror films, including direct references to the original “Munsters in the House of 1000 Corpses”, and he proved that he is able to lead the reboot of “Munsters”. Zombie is primarily known for making films with unjustified violence, nudity and obscene language, and taking up the family theme of “Munsters” will be a long-awaited challenge for him.

While Munsters coexist with horror, Zombie has never been a conservative director, preferring excessive horror spectacle and stylistic camerawork to subtle fears. Zombies can take their unique visual look and apply it to a PG-rated horror comedy, creating something new for themselves while retaining their horror film director trademarks. The new colorful reboot of The Munsters has a chance to stand out in the Zombie filmography as a successful departure from his other works.

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In the Munsters reboot, you can see how Zombie follows the trend of genre directors with an R rating, such as Robert Rodriguez and Eli Roth, who make films for PG without sacrificing their creativity. Rodriguez shot pompous action films, and also tried himself in horror films “From Dusk to Dawn” and “Planet of Horrors”. He brought his do-it-yourself filmmaking techniques and kinetic camerawork to his family films, such as the TV series Spy Kids. Eli Roth, like Zombies, is mostly known for making graphic horror films, but he was able to make the “House with a Clock in the Walls” scary without needing an R rating.

Rob Zombie’s scripts are often controversial, but his directorial style is unmistakable. No doubt it will be interesting to see what Zombie will do with his PG-rated Munsters movie. By taking on a new type of horror movie, a Zombie may be forced to be more creative in how it scares without relying on blood, guts or nudity. His passion for horror is evident in everything he does, and this passion should not be lost just because he is making a PG-rated film.

Like Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth, and even Martin Scorsese (Hugo), Rob Zombie can prove with his relaunch of The Munsters that an R-rated director can explore PG-rated films without losing what makes him a unique director. The PG rating is much less restrictive than it seems, and many filmmakers have pushed the limits of the rating because they refused to make a creative compromise. Zombie could follow this trend by making a family horror movie, which still has his unique directorial vision.