The Relationship Between Park Hyun-shik and Jeon So-nee Takes an Unusual Turn For The Better in The Drama “Our Blooming Youth”


Our Blooming Youth” showed the ups and downs of Park Hyun-shik and Jeon So-nee’s relationship in new footage!

tvN’s upcoming historical drama “Our Blooming Youth” tells the story of a prince suffering from a mysterious curse and a brilliant woman who is accused of murdering her family members. Their romance develops in the process when Crown Prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyun-shik) saves Min Jae-yi (Jeon So-nee) from her false accusation, and Min Jae-yi saves Lee Hwan from his curse.

The first batch of photos captured the horrors faced by Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi. Lee Hwan is named Crown Prince after the death of his older brother, Prince Ye Hyun, but on the day he was given this honor, he encounters an uninvited guest. A ghost carrying all the curses of the world flies into the palace like a mysterious arrow and threatens Lee Hwan, saying that a terrible catastrophe awaits him.

To make matters worse, palace officials are unhappy that Lee Hwan has suddenly become Crown Prince, so they criticize his every move and try to catch him on a mistake. Lee Hwang’s father, the king, feels oppressed by these ministers and therefore prefers to be just as critical instead of petting his son. If these ministers found out about the ghost and his curse, Lee Hwang’s title would be in even greater danger.

Hiding this deep dark secret, Lee Hwan tries to find out who cast this curse on him, which leads to a dangerous fight in a fragile palace.

Coming from a rich and noble family, Min Jae Yi and her relatives were respected among their neighbors, but everything changes overnight. As if it’s not enough to watch her family die, Min Jae Yi is falsely accused of their murder, and she has to flee her home to escape the authorities. Trying to prove his innocence, Min Jae Yi disguises himself as a man and wanders around the country.

Eventually she starts working as a eunuch in the palace. How will Min Jae Yi establish a connection with the Crown Prince and how will he help prove her innocence?

Although these two are clearly doomed, their relationship is not easy. In their tense first photo together, Min Jae Yi froze in fear, staring intently at the sword that Lee Hwan pointed at her. After Min Jae Yi is accused of murder, she decides to run away and disguise herself, but it seems the Crown Prince has found out her real identity.

However, their relationship takes an unusual turn when they are later seen together in the palace. Lee Hwan no longer looks wary or suspicious of Min Jae Yi, who is now a palace eunuch. After she fixed his clothes, Min Jae Yi serves Lee Hwan tea and stays by his side. Why is the Crown Prince, known for his harsh nature, keeping the suspect in the murder of Min Jae Yi so close?

Another interesting point is how this duo meets. Since the Ming Jae Yi family murder case has caused an uproar all over the country, there will surely be many risk factors in the palace. Given this risk, why did Lee Hwan let Min Jae Yi follow him like a shadow?

Start finding out the answers to all these questions during the premiere of “Our Blooming Youth” on February 6 at 20:50 Moscow time. KST!


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