The redesigns of Savage Flash and Green Lantern have been officially unveiled


Warning! Contains a preview of Jurassic League #3.

The dinosaur versions of Flash and Green Lantern are officially unveiled in a new preview for the Jurassic League of the District of Columbia. After the debut of the prehistoric Trinity, it seems that they will soon be joined by wild versions of the fastest living man and the Emerald Knight (who has already joined Aquaman Mosasaurus). Now it’s only a matter of time before the entire League joins forces to fight the dinosaur villains who have gathered to create Darkseid.

In previous issues of Jurassic League by Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, this new alternate DC universe is populated by both humans and dinosaurs. However, it seems that in this prehistoric reality, only dinosaurs received powers. While heroes such as dinosaur Superman (aka Supersaurus) strive for coexistence between species, more sinister dinosaurs serve the Dark Embryo to gather humans, using them as a source of power for the birth and hatching of the Darkseid Dinosaur. While Vanderdon and Batsaurus have teamed up with Supersaurus to ensure the safety of humans, heroes are yet to come.

As seen in the new Jurassic League #3 preview, Green Torch and Flashraptor encounter a previously spotted Aquanix who is in dire need of their help. Soon enough, the trio of dinosaur heroes gets into an epic battle with Jokerzard, Blackmantasuar, Atrocitaur and Reverse Slash. In addition, the heroes still possess the abilities of their human counterparts, despite the fact that they are giant lizards. Here are the preview pages and a synopsis featuring Green Lantern as a Hadrosaur / parasaurolophus and Flash as a velociraptor:

JURASSIC LEAGUE #3. When Vanderdon steps into battle to help Batsaur and Supersaur defeat Brontozarro, the Jurassic League is officially formed! But Darkseid’s mysterious machinations continue to be revealed, and this Triassic trinity may not be enough to stop him. Fortunately, a brave hadrosaur joined the battle. Enter the Green Torch!

While they’re all dinosaurs in a really wild series that ends up being an epically ridiculous concept, readers shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that these are actually 3 core members of the Justice League facing their greatest rivals (and the Joker is there too). Thus, it will be interesting to see who will be the final winners. Perhaps a new Trinity dinosaur will arrive to help turn the tide as a full-fledged League?

However, this new preview completes the Jurassic League presentation with a Green Torch and a Flashraptor. Now the rest of the series can focus on how they work together as a team to stop Darkseid (who was teased by a giant stegosaurus). In any case, it will be interesting to see dinosaurs, Green Lantern and Flash, who will join the prehistoric Justice League (Aquaman too). The full version of Jurassic League #3 will be released on July 19.