The Redeem Team (2022): Bring to life Phoenix Like Rise of Team USA Basketball at the 2008 Olympic Games.


Adversity is needed to provoke a sleeping or complacent giant to resurrect or push himself to greater heights. This is true in any field and, in particular, in any sport. We have seen this in tennis, an example of which is the “big three”. The American men’s basketball team also has a documented history of responding to the challenges of the world to their throne in “their” game. Their latest reaction to adversity is described in The Redeem Team. How did this term appear?

The USA responded to the threat from world basketball by creating a “Dream Team” in 1992. However, 2004, judging by the installation, the media dubbed the Bronze Age. I remember how this international mockery penetrated even pop culture, a vivid example of which is “Rush Hour 3” (2007). There is a scene where the taxi driver told Carter: “You can’t beat the Europeans in basketball anymore. “The dream team is dead.” Consequently, it was a matter of national pride.

While The Redeem Team shows viewers the way back to the top, it also devotes enough time to the downward spiral or other priorities that led to it. Focusing on individual goals attracts attention, and it doesn’t look like a selfish move on the part of this player.

Was it just the Olympics? This is also stated in the documentary. At the same time, the narrative never deviates, forming the basic principle of the importance of team dynamics. A team that stays together, gets closer, pushes each other and gets rid of their identity of great people. No one has ever doubted the level of the US national team, but there have always been questions about the cohesion of the fantasy team.

We saw this in full when the documentary showed the audience the team’s cohesion at the FIBA Americas Championship in 2007 and the sports extravaganza held every four years a year later. What makes The Redeem Team work is that along with each archive clip, viewers can hear how men who mattered share their psychology and thinking. This enriches the documentary as fans understand the players’ points of view on what was happening at these key moments.

What’s wrong with the Redeem team?

In the documentary, of course, they forgot the word “Team” and chose the biggest stars of the team. The storytellers are primarily the big shots in the NBA, i.e. Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony; with a big focus on the late great Kobe Bryant. Is it bad? No. What’s “bad” is that we haven’t heard enough from Chris Bosh, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

This Netflix documentary also missed an opportunity to show how these same players compete fiercely with each other in the NBA. While the team’s momentum has skyrocketed, there is no way they would let Team USA’s camaraderie affect their franchise seasons.

Any fraction of a second could have been woven into The Redeem Team to document the true problem the players were facing. Just as Bryant attacked his Lakers teammate in Beijing, there’s no doubt he would have been at his best when he faced the Cavaliers in the 2007 NBA season.

Is it worth watching The Redeem Team?

The Redeem Team was created for basketball fans to enjoy the moment when their favorite NBA stars really regained their place as the best in the world. Netflix Original can help survive the Olympic journey, as it devotes most of its time to showing viewers the games against Greece, Spain, Argentina and the gold medal match.

Despite the lack of some elements, The RedeemΒ Team has enough to attract avid basketball fans. To find a balance between sports glamour, Olympic experience and “the things every athlete goes through with their body and mind,” sports fans can enjoy this documentary. Using a big name will help attract a casual audience and allow the world to witness the prehistory of the Phoenix (and not the Suns) rising from the ashes.


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