The Red Sleeve: Protagonists admit they cried when they read the last episodes


The Red Sleeve, starring the actor and singer Lee Jun Ho of the group 2MP after a two-year absence and the talented actress Lee Se Young, has become a real success since its premiere on the South Korean network MBC on November 12 with 17 scheduled episodes, of which only two are missing that will be seen on screen on January 1, 2022.

Set in the 18th century, The Red Sleeve also known as The Red Sleeve Cuff tells a free version of the beautiful love story between King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty, known as Jeongjo the Great, who ruled Korea between the years 1776 – 1800 and the young Sung Deok Im who would become his preferred concubine under the name of Royal Noble Consort Ui-Bin and who is remembered for being the only woman the monarch was shown to have loved in his entire life.

The Red Sleeve recounts the life of Sung Deok Im when she, as a child of humble origin, became a Queen of the Royal Court and meets Crown Prince Lee San with whom she falls in love with her. When the young man finally becomes King Jeongjo decides that Sung Deok Im is his concubine, but she refuses because she does not want to get caught up in the conventions that women of that position are sadly forced to live by.

The K-drama producers recently released a charming behind-the-scenes video of some of the scenes from episodes 13 and 14, highlighting the good chemistry between Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young as they interact with him. the rest of the cast and crew, as well as some statements from both protagonists during a radio show about what they felt when they read the script for the final two episodes yet to be broadcast.

The clip shows the various filming scenarios, at first glance with Junho and Lee Se Young filming outside during a rehearsal with K-drama director Jung Ji In where the three of them start laughing when they ask, “Are you crying? “. Next, when Jun Ho wears the King’s outfit for the first time, his bodyguard actor Oh Dae Hwan also appears in a new outfit, and the team members joke, “Congratulations on your promotion! “.

In another sequence, Jun Ho and Lee Se Young appear rehearsing the scene where they jump rocks into a lake while fighting to contain their laughter. Junho comments incredulously, “Even if I’m an actor I must do it…” and the director replies “What are you talking about? As an actor, you have to know how to do it no matter what!” Jun Ho explains: “But I blew it and I’m supposed to say I did well. ”

Other stills from the video show performers Kang Hoon and Lee Se Young rehearsing an action scene together with Jun Ho and Oh Dae Hwan. Oh Dae Hwan suggests an idea for his attack on Kang Hoon and comments to the director, “Please let me do a cool thing,” causing her to accept with a laugh. The most exciting part of the video is undoubtedly the rehearsal and the recording of the first kiss of the main characters.

Director Jung JI In explains that they must argue to the point where the kiss grabs the audience by surprise. To clarify the point Jun Ho asks him. “Have you ever experienced a situation like this?” Right away, she replies, “Of course not,” and Junho jokingly continues, “Who has experienced this situation? I’m going to find out what kissing feels like after fighting like this.” At another point we see Lee Se Young asking to stop the shot as he says, “Director! Since I’m resisting, do my eyes stay open ?! “And he accuses Jun Ho of smiling mischievously, taking advantage of the fact that the camera was not filming his face.

Regarding what will happen in the last two episodes of The Red Sleeve, it was learned that Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young, who have been nominated for the best couple award at the MBC Drama Awards 2021 for their work in K-Drama, they commented on it during their appearance on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” as special DJs. When asked about the ending they both confessed to being moved to tears.

“Lee Se Young told me that he cried when he received and read the last script, and I cried a lot too. I will be watching the last episode alone, marking it deep in my heart. I’m going to cry a lot by myself, “Lee Jun Ho confessed.