The Reason Why The FSG President Is Resigning Gives a Big Hint About Liverpool’s Future.


A reshuffle at Liverpool after FSG investigated the sale is already in the process, and Mike Gordon’s recent departure from duties is an important hint for the club’s future.

Jurgen Klopp confirmed on Friday that “fresh money is not a mistake” regarding FSG seeking new investments, sticking to his belief that it is a third-party investment and not a full sale.

In any case, the manager is loyal to the club. Nevertheless, he is already being influenced by FSG decisions, and his assistant Gordon is beginning the process of transferring his responsibilities.

The Boston Globe, a publication owned by FSG chief John Henry, reported on Friday that Gordon had taken a “step back” as part of “natural evolution,” and his duties were assumed by executive director Bill Hogan.

However, Athletic’s David Ornstein, who originally told the story of how FSG put Liverpool up for sale, suggests that the move freed Gordon up for a specific purpose.

Ornstein said that “sources with knowledge of the situation indicate that Gordon will now focus on the potential sale of Liverpool to FSG.

A clear hint that the process is in motion, with FSG’s fourth-largest shareholder taking responsibility for overseeing the sale process, despite Globe insisting its step back is “unrelated.”

Gordon serves as FSG president and has been the most hands-on when it comes to Liverpool, a key decision-maker, alongside Klopp and sporting director Julian Ward.

He has a strong relationship with the coach, and his shift in focus is of great importance for the future of Liverpool, as he has been the “LFC man” at FSG for a long time.

Gordon will undoubtedly have two major US banks — Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — as key contacts in the coming months after they were appointed to help with the sale process.

The Reds should not have interested suitors, but a valuation in excess of £3 billion attracts only certain parties that Gordon should keep an eye on, in addition to any third-party interests.

It’s not a race to the finish line regarding the sale, but this news about Gordon leaves no doubt about FSG’s intentions, although there weren’t many before.


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