The reason why ABC hasn’t renewed season five yet


Season 4 of The Good Doctor will return to ABC on January 11 with episode six. On the other hand, ABC has not yet confirmed the number of episodes of the last season, however, fans of The Good Doctor will already be wondering if this will be the final exit or if more seasons are planned.

Currently, ABC has yet to be renewed for the fifth time, although this is not unusual, as the network often makes a good decision throughout each season and analyzes the ratings.

Recall that last year, the fourth season of The Good Doctor was only announced in February 2020, so viewers could expect a similar time frame.

Also, this has been a banner year due to filming delays, which means that everything has been delayed, therefore fans of The Good Doctor could wait a little longer to discover the fate of the show. New seasons of The Good Doctor generally begin in September of each year.

However, the Covid-19 delays meant that the show didn’t air until November 2020. This could have a ripple effect on when a fifth season could be released.

In addition to this, blockades are being imposed once again around the world, which could also affect filming. As for who will return for the new season as long as no major characters die in season four of The Good Doctor, most of the cast is expected to return.

This would of course include Freddie Highmore in the lead role of Dr. Shaun Murphy Other stars include Antonia Thomas, Christina Chang, Will Yun Lee, and Richard Schiff.

Likewise, Fiona Gubelmann, Hill Harper, Paige Spara and Noah Galvin can also return. On the other hand, fans of The Good Doctor will have to wait until the end of the fourth season to get a clearer idea of ​​what will happen next.


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