The reason this character brings problems to Marty


The theory about the Ozark series stems from the fact that as Byrdes’s criminal enterprise grew under the Navarro Cartel, so did the demand to clean up money and keep cash flowing. So you would have to Enter Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) and the Byrdes casinos where the hundreds of thousands of dollars to be cleaned began to flow through the systems.

Likewise, Byrdes seemed to have an effective way to clean up her money, that was until FBI agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) moved into Marty’s office and started paying close attention to funds coming in and going out. Throughout the third season, Maya couldn’t find anything concrete to attribute to Marty (Jatson Bateman), despite constant pressure from her bosses.

The two began to form an unlikely bond with each other when it became clear that they were both fully aware of the other’s intentions. On the other hand, Marty (Jatson Bateman) even considered taking a deal with Maya that would see him serve a prison sentence for money laundering to protect his family and give the FBI a chance to take down the Navarro Cartel.

However, in a dramatic U-turn after being kidnapped by Omar’s men, Marty kept the facade of the respectable casino owner alive and the books clean. So why would newcomer Ladin from season four pose a problem for Marty with his new character?

Ladin will join the fray as Kerry, and while not much is known about him, a brief description of the character suggests that he may pose a problem for the casino. Similarly, Kerry is described as “the kind of person you like but can’t stand, his life is one continuous party, and he’s always looking for the next trend, sometimes with disastrous results,” according to a recent post.

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In turn, the fact that he has been teased to bring “disastrous results” could suggest that he is attracting unwanted attention to the establishment. Think back to when Frank Cosgrove Jr (Joseph Sikora) was invited to play in the casino’s first poker tournament.

Frank Jr didn’t exactly get along with Ruth and when she asked him to review his behavior at the table, he almost spoke out of turn. Quickly, Frank Jr. was escorted out of the casino after narrowly avoiding drawing unwanted attention to the casino’s illegal events.

If Kerry is portrayed as an equally reckless figure, will he blow the lid off the entire operation? And if it did, with Marty (Jatson Bateman) turning down Maya’s offers to work with the FBI, it would surely expose him to all kinds of trouble from the police. Fans will have to wait until Kerry is featured in Ozark season four to know for sure.


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