The reason it never crosses Criminal Minds


A legitimate reason for exclusion could be the Hawaii Five-0 program. The television series, a remake of the previous version that ran between 1968 and 1980, shared a network with Criminal Minds. Both shows aired on CBS.

It would have been great to see a crossover between Criminal Minds and Hawaii Five-0, but even though they both focus on crime, the two shows have very different tones.

One of the biggest questions some fans of CBS shows were asked was why a crossover between Hawaii Five-0 and Criminal Minds wasn’t done. But, this is why.

Recall that the Criminal Minds series made a great tour throughout the United States, solving different types of crimes and looking for criminals, but they never went to Hawaii.

Place where the team of the Hawaii Five-0 series was located. When CBS first broadcast Five-0, it happened in 2010, at that time Criminal Minds that began in 2006, was in its sixth season.

Now, both CBS series managed to finish their shows in the same year (2020), with some differences of months, but, fans wondered why a crossover was never made in series as popular as these.


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