The reason for Reed’s absence in “Thinking Like a Criminal” is a Lie


The reason why Spencer Reed doesn’t appear in the reboot of “Thinking Like a Criminal” is a lie. Unfortunately, the boy genius from the Behavioral Analysis Department (BAU), played by Matthew Gray Gabler, will not be part of the 16th season of “Thinking like a Criminal.” However, the revival’s attempt to “Think like a Criminal” to justify Reed’s non-involvement is not entirely correct.

Just a year after the end of the 15-year show on CBS, the FBI procedure was launched for a streaming release. After some hurdles in the early stages of development, the project is finally moving forward on Paramount+, and most of the main actors of “Think Like a Criminal” are returning. That’s not counting the two actors. Firstly, Daniel Henney, who played Matt Simmons from SSA, will not return, as the actor is busy working on Amazon’s “Wheel of Time”. Secondly, Gubler; but, unlike his colleague in the film, the reason for his absence is related to personal preferences.

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In a new interview, actress Emily Prentiss Paget Brewster offers an explanation for Reed’s absence in the reboot of “Thinking Like a Criminal.” Brewster refers to the fact that Gabler, being one of the first actors, devoted 15 years of his life to the show, booking it right after graduating from New York University, where he studied to be a director. She also noted that “Matthew was the only person in the last two seasons who appeared in every episode.” That’s the problem, because it’s not true. Most of the cast has appeared in the last two years of the show, including A.J. Jennifer Jarro, played by Cook, who, like Gabler, is also the original cast of “Think Like a Criminal.” In addition, Gabler was actually absent from several episodes of season 14, including “Broken Wing”, “Flesh and Blood” and “Sick and Angry”. In fact, his absence became so obvious that questions began to arise about his whereabouts.

Why did Gubler miss so many episodes of season 14 of “Thinking Like a Criminal”

The reason for Gubler’s absence in the reboot of “Thinking like a Criminal” is essentially the same reason he missed several episodes in season 14. After many years of participating in the series, he wanted to take a chance and do something else. Since the CBS routine was his first job after graduation, he wasn’t able to really achieve much, given how grueling the workday is for typical network shows. Naturally, he wanted to try directing after more than a decade in front of the camera. From a narrative perspective, Gubler’s frequent absences began in season 13 of “Thinking Like a Criminal.” After a traumatic experience in Mexico, he was sentenced to probation and asked to take a mandatory leave in which he devoted his time to teaching. At the time, it seemed like a justified reason for Gubler to skip a few episodes of the show, since his absence was embedded in the plot of the series.

Ultimately, BAU can function without Reed. Thus, the persecution of the network of unknowns that appeared during the coronavirus pandemic should not be a problem for them without the “golden boy” from the FBI unit. At the same time, there is still hope that Gabler will eventually change his mind and return for a reboot of “Thinking like a Criminal” even with disabilities. The filming of the project has not officially begun yet, so they can still include a funny cameo role of the character.


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