The real reason why Macarena’s actress left the series


The popular Fox and Netflix series, Vis a Vis, has managed to surprise all viewers with its incredible crime drama, but, what many did not understand was, what happened to the actress Maggie Civantos and her character of Macarena, who had disappeared from the program.

Maggie Civantos’ character, Macarena, only appeared in the first two episodes in season 3, in which she met a tragic fate upon her arrival.

jailed Chinese women locked Macarena in a washing machine. However, she was saved by her enemy Zulema (Najwa Nimri). But, she went into a coma and ended up leaving the story.

But the reality that this happened to Macarena had to do with her actress, Maggie Civantos, having scheduling conflicts. So she couldn’t film such a season of Vis a Vis, therefore her character had to be excluded from the plot.

Despite that, the actress and her character have returned to the plot. And then she was still in the final season, or spinoff series, titled The Oasis.

This plot follows a jump of 12 years after the original story, and the audience will see more about what happened to the characters of the series during this period.

The Oasis highlights the dynamics of the protagonists outside of prison. The series also explores the sexual tension between the characters and, after the eight episodes, El Oasis gives them a “definitive” ending.


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