The real reason Michael Hirst didn’t write the spin-off


Many Vikings fans have been wondering why the creator of the game did not write the spin-off that is currently underway, Vikings Valhalla. But this seems to be the reason.

The popular Viking series will premiere today the second part of its season 6, which will be the last of the program. But, do not be so sad, since Valhalla Vikings is preparing.

The new Viking series, Valhalla, is in the process of starting production very soon, in fact, Michael Hirst will be in charge of being the executive producer, but he has not written any episode of it.

Hirst has sole writing credit on each episode, totaling nearly 4,000 minutes of television. Whereas with Vikings: Valhalla, he’s not that involved, and he didn’t write the series. The reason? He just had nothing more to say.

“I wrote all 89 episodes of my saga, and that was all I could do. It was six seasons, 89 episodes, I said almost everything I wanted to say about the Vikings.”

Despite that, Hirst added that he is proud of Valhalla and thinks it is wonderful that the series continues with the Vikings legacy and more if it will be for the Netflix platform.

“Obviously, it’s a great tribute to the show Netflix has chosen to continue. I’m really proud of that one.”

Hirst is credited with executive producing Valhalla, but Jeb Stuart, who wrote action thriller classics like Die Hard, The Fugitive and Another 48 Hrs, will take over the reins of the new show.


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