The Real Reason Dutch Was Not Appearing In The Drama


Cobra Kai, is the action series that Netflix transmits and that has become an impressive success with only two seasons, after passing through YouTube. Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), repeat their roles from the original film after 36 years of the events of The Karate Kid.

The sequel Cobra Kai, introduces some characters from the Karate Kid movies. In Season 2, for example, several of Johnny Lawrence’s friends are seen. However, so far, the absence of Dutch, the character of actor Chad McQueen, who has not appeared in the series, has been noted.

In this regard, in the Cobra Kai series, there is an explanation of why Dutch has not appeared alongside Johnny. Well, fans found out that the Karate Kid character is in jail.

And is that, Cobra Kai’s argument about the reason why Dutch does not appear and that the character is serving a sentence for a crime, is related to a underlying reason behind the scenes.

The underlying reason is based on the fact that the Karate Kid actor, Chad McQueen retired from acting in 2001. According to some reports, the actor became a racing driver and his schedule did not coincide with Cobra Kai’s. .

However, the creators of the Netflix series are already talking to the actor about a comeback. Therefore, the quote about Dutch being in jail is made so that the character may appear at some point.

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