The real reason Beth decided to stay in Russia


Episode by episode, Lady’s Gambit details how Beth is objectified and / or misunderstood by male fans, while celebrating the personality traits that make her such a unique character.

Just as Beth’s strategic moves are complex in Lady’s Gambit, her decision-making results equally from the totality of her life experiences, not just a drunken mistake or surreal vision.

After defeating Russian Vasily Borgov in her own country, Beth learns that she will be used as a prop in the United States; a sentiment she’s very familiar with based on how people looked up to her in Queen’s Gambit past.

So instead of following the rules, Beth subverts expectations in Lady’s Gambit by exiting the vehicle for the airport to enjoy a ride on her own; a moment of reflection.

As it happens, she wanders through a park full of Russian chess players, many of whom surround her in a show of support, even after she defeated a top-notch Russian player in Queen’s Gambit.

In the moment, Beth from Lady’s Gambit seems to realize that she has reconnected with her humanity; a full-circle sequence that thematically links back to her humble basement origins with Mr. Shaibel.

In the final moments of Lady’s Gambit, Beth honors her mentor’s legacy by reaching her potential and remembering where she came from. Her mundane life experiences also parallel Mr. Shaibel’s humble everyday existence as a janitor.

When the Queen’s Gambit comes to an end, Beth steps out of the vehicle because now she can see the big picture; can better assess the concept of risk and reward. Just when Mr. Shaibel took a chance and changed Beth’s life for the better.

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