The Real Reason Actor Gerald Jackson Left Police Drama


Many NCIS fans have been wondering what happened to Ducky’s first assistant, Gerald Jackson, played by Pancho Demmings. But, this is the reason for your departure.

Pancho Demmings began his portrayal of Gerald Jackson on NCIS in the season one premiere of “Yankee White,” which kept his role as the young assistant chief medical examiner Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

But during the same season in episode 16, “Bete Noir”, his character suffered an injury that left him unemployed, so he is replaced by Jimmy Palmer.

After failing to appear in season two, Gerald Jackson returns for the first episode of season three, a two-part episode hinting at his full return. But, Gerald Jackson is simply never seen or mentioned again. So what happened?

Actor Pancho Demmings revealed the real reason he did not return to NCIS. He explained that he believes his initial presence on the show was during a time when the writers and producers were still figuring out what they wanted NCIS to look like in the early seasons.

“Initially, I think they were looking to extend my story. Even in the episode I came back to, Gerald says ‘I’ll go back to the autopsy next week,’ but at that point, I guess they ended up choosing to go the other direction. ”

Although the actor acknowledged that all this is “part of the business”, as for the characters of the NCIS show, but, that he would like his character to have a closure.

“I would love, for the sake of the fans, if the producers could maybe go through Gerald’s story and give them some closure.”

Demmings acknowledges that he has no influence in bringing his character back. But hopefully, if fans are interested in seeing Gerald Jackson again at some point.