The Real Housewives who Behaved Restlessly on their shows


Being part of a reality TV franchise like The Real Housewives means meeting and spending time with a variety of personalities. Viewers always choose their favorites and discuss the least favorite online. However, some former and current “Real Housewives” actors have a less favorable legacy than others.

When the Real Housewives franchise began in 2006, it was mostly about documenting the lives of wealthy women and their families. As the franchise grew and more cities were added, it became increasingly apparent that fans enjoyed high-tension moments, such as Kim and Kyle Richards’ fractured sisterhood, and loved rooting for some wives while ignoring others. From time to time, an actor is added to the cast, which shakes up the cast, but not for the better.

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“Real Housewives” has spread across the United States. In general, the franchise has millions of viewers and has had a huge impact on reality TV. With such a huge fan base, actors must maintain a sense of integrity and not communicate in a way that can be regarded as damaging. Unfortunately, fans sometimes noticed that the casting process failed the franchise and attracted the attention of women with outdated views and behavior.

Mary Cosby of RHOSLC

After two seasons, Mary Cosby left The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Mary is the leader of the church, and during her participation in the show, she divided the audience with her frank and sometimes strange behavior. At the reunion of the first season of RHOSLC, Mary, a woman of color, admitted that she avoids 7-Eleven stores if there are blacks nearby. Then, in the second season, Mary told the newfound Jenny Nguyen, an American of Vietnamese descent, that she liked her “slanted eyes” and pointed out the “yellow tones” of her skin. She also compared Jen Shah to a “Mexican thug.”

Teresa Giudice from RHONJ

Fans of Teresa Giudice from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” constantly talk about the unfortunate ways in which she prefers to make arguments. For example, during the first season of RHONJ, Theresa’s infamous table-flipping was not a very favorable representation of her character, and many moments during her time on RHONJ only made this point worse. Teresa constantly strikes below the belt to her fellow cast members, masking them with “jokes”. When the receiving party is offended by her comments, she assures them that she was just joking.

Ramona Singer from RHONY

Many viewers of “The Real Housewives of New York” believe that Ramona Singer’s time in “The Real Housewives” has expired. Cast since the first season, Ramona has undoubtedly created many iconic moments, such as her wide-eyed walk down the runway and the constant clash with Bethenny Frankel. But some of her ways of behaving and her views have been criticized. Ramona is never afraid to disparage maids or butlers and admitted that she calls the employees she hired “assistants” when she can’t remember their names. In the 13th season of RHONY, her ongoing uncomfortable relationship with Ebony K. Williams, who was the first woman of color in the series, painted a picture that some fans thought was fueled by years of unconscious racism.


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