The Real Housewives of Dubai Caroline Brooks and Sarah Al Madani get into a violent fight amid hostility: “You have selective amnesia”


Escalation of the situation. Caroline Brooks and Sarah Al Madani are trying to find a common language, and this time Chanel Ayan intervenes in the drama.

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“Let’s get right to the point. Don’t give me advice about my child or my marriage,” 37—year-old Caroline says in an exclusive Us Weekly review of the new episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, which airs on Wednesday, August 3.

36-year-old Sarah, for her part, tried to correct their past misunderstanding. “I didn’t give you any advice about your child. This is what you don’t get,” the fashion designer said.

In response, Caroline called out Sarah’s comment that she needed to be “more affectionate” towards her child. (The businesswoman shares Adam’s son with her ex-husband.)

“I feel like you’re facing the fact that you want to be therapeutic and very judgmental. Sometimes you go too far,” Caroline told her partner. “Do I have a problem with you? Not quite. Do I want to set my boundaries? Sure. Don’t ask me questions about my child.”

During the confessional interview, Sarah expressed disappointment about how things were going between her and Caroline. “I’m trying to explain. She doesn’t even give me a chance to get a word in. All I see is the movement of her mouth and defensive body language. She just wants to fight,” the TV presenter said, before telling Caroline that she has “selective amnesia.”

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Ayan’s attempts to calm the couple lead to the fact that the 43-year-old model finds herself in the center of events. During a heated argument, the Kenyan native confesses to Sarah that she understands where Caroline came from. The discussion becomes more heated as Sarah tells Caroline to “stop with this nonsense,” while her Bravo colleague replies that the entrepreneur should “shut the fuck up.”

The explosive fight occurred after the couple had previously staged a screaming fight during Caroline Stanbury’s engagement. After Sarah commented on Caroline’s son, the reality TV stars made a scene at the event.

“I’m so sorry about it because I was drunk,” Caroline told E! News from the end of last month. “If I was sober, I think we could have a calmer conversation. …She knew I was drunk and she should have just left. Because I was watching it, I couldn’t even understand myself. I thought I needed subtitles. I couldn’t even understand what I was saying. It was like slow motion and I cringed.”

At the time, Caroline admitted that she regretted yelling at Nina Ali for trying to help them solve their problems.

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“I yelled at Nina and I’m very sorry about it,” she continued. “We’re so close now. I’m very sorry about that, because what I didn’t know then, I know now. And you’ll have to wait to find out what that means. My anger was directed at the wrong person because I was being fed lies. Right before I got there, I was being fed lies. I was pushed in this direction, not knowing that the person who pushed me in this direction was the real culprit. They did it.”

Caroline also said that the ladies of RHODubai were able to get better after filming. “We are so close,” she added. “If [Sarah] had told me what she told me today, I would never have taken it the wrong way. I know who she is now. I know what her intentions are, who this woman is. I know that her child was in my house and was playing with my son and their friends. We’re friends now.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs on Wednesdays on Bravo Channel at 21:00. ET


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