The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: 10 memes that perfectly sum up the series


The 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently underway, and countless dramas, rumors, and shocking interviews are released every day. From Lisa Rinna’s joke about the real housewives’ new city, Dubai, to Crystal Kung Minkoff dropping a bomb that she recently lost 14 friends. Bravo fans will always find something to drool over.

Online, fans express their admiration for the series by creating funny memes to share on social networks. Whether it’s Garcel’s expressive facial expression or Kyle Richards’ recent downfall, Bravo fans love to create with famous Beverly Hills women.

Lisa Vanderpump Probably Enjoyed Watching Kyle Richards Lose Grace

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were best friends when they participated in RHOBH together. But when they had disagreements about Puppy Gate, they broke off their friendship and became enemies. Vanderpump left the series, but still remains one of the most beloved former housewives of the franchise.

Now in season 12, Kyle has made an error in judgment in response to the situation between Erica, Garcel and Garcel’s son. Because of her response, this meme from @BasicsWhoBravo made fun of Lisa loving Kyle’s fall.

Even Bravo is wrong

There are incredibly unpleasant scenes in “Real Housewives”. However, in season 12, fans learned that not only housewives are wrong, but also the network in which they are located — Bravo.

@BopTalk shared a meme in which he ridiculed Bravo, who confused the name of a famous designer bag. The network noted that the bag for $ 250,000 belonged to Birkin. In fact, it was Kelly Pochett, which was immediately noticed by fashion fans.

Erica’s glamour dropped after the divorce

In season 11, the season revolved around Erica Girardi’s divorce from her ex-famous husband Tom Girardi. Because of her husband’s fraudulent behavior, Erica had to cut everything in her life – from home to clothes and a glamorous team. She didn’t let the fans believe her about some obscene things she said on RHOBH.

Due to lack of funds, fans noticed that Erica’s style has changed compared to the once luxurious outfits she wore before. @MonstersCriticsRality shared side by side Martha Stewart and Erica in the same shirt. However, considering that this is an advertisement for a cat toilet, jokes have fallen.

Garcel has amazing expressions

Fans have enjoyed getting to know Garcel Beauvais over the past couple of years. Due to being a newcomer to the band, she didn’t have alliances like some other women, and she reacted to the drama the same way as the fans.

@BasicsWhoBravo shared this meme with Garcel’s expression as a star. Although no housewife should judge others, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult not to express her opinion with a facial expression.

Golden Girls Bravo

Not every friendship in Real Housewives is real, but the bond between Kyle Richards, Erica Girardi and Lisa Rinna is real. They started the series as acquaintances and have since become best friends.

Comparing women (plus Sutton Strack) with The Golden Girls’ best friends, @YourMomsAreWatching made RHOBH fans laugh at this meme. One fan noted that Dorit Kemsley was supposed to take Sutton’s place in the group of friends, but it’s still incredibly accurate.

Did Lisa have rats?

In May 2022, when the women were filming the 12th season of RHOBH, a new friend of the band, Shari Zampino, mentioned that she had been bitten by a rat in Lisa Rinna’s house. Zampino went to the hospital after the bite as a precaution.

Rinna, of course, has since denied that this ever happened, and even made fun of rats in her house by posting GIFs of rats running around the streets of New York. It’s funny, but a few years ago Lisa Rinna had a storyline about her house being infested with rats, and she’s doing everything she can to get rid of them. @BravoTimeCapsules used the facial expression of Austin Kroll from South Charm as the reaction was golden.

Kyle “The Splits” Richards

Podcaster Danny Pellegrino doesn’t just call Kyle Richards, Kyle “Splits” Richards. Whenever she drank too much and got on the dance floor, there was a hair curl and a split in her way.