The “Real Housewives” franchise has become super real


It goes without saying that the “Real Housewives” franchise has given viewers a lot of topics to discuss, debate and laugh about over the years. Countless trips of actors, wine treats, friendships and scandals were demonstrated, which made every Bravo show in the Housewife Empire a cult pop culture phenomenon. Sometimes a reality show can also capture the unthinkable.

While “Real Housewives” can be easy and interesting, following the lives of many personalities does not always lead to joyful and happy scenes. The reality of this kind of unscripted television is that, despite the fact that it can show incredible ups, one should expect extraordinary downs. These dark moments are perhaps part of what makes the “Real Housewives” franchise so beloved and popular.

Women in the franchise have been seen with all sorts of injuries. Just like well-drawn characters in books or movies, the actors’ experience resonates with the audience, making housewives more voluminous, understandable and related. Several frank and sincere moments are still surprisingly fresh in the memory of the audience.

Taylor Russell’s husband

Many people remember Taylor Armstrong’s early days in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as they were filled with turmoil, sadness and tension. Even before anything became known about her abusive relationship with her husband Russell, fans speculated that something bad was happening to Taylor behind the scenes. At the beginning of the second season, the RHOBH women, with the exception of Taylor, gathered to discuss (and process) the news that Russell had committed suicide. It was rough, emotional and perhaps the most exciting moment of the show at that time.

Monique vs. Candice

Episode after episode of escalating tension between Candice Dillard-Bassett and Monique Samuels from The Real Housewives of Potomac ended with a shocking, uncontrollable physical fight between them at the winery. While physical fights are nothing new in the franchise, especially considering the fact that RHOP began airing 10 years after the start of “Real Housewives,” the effects of this were felt on a much deeper level. The cast, made up of women of color, came together to discuss how this could potentially push a malicious narrative about “angry black women.” The conversation inadvertently broke the fourth wall and gave viewers a new perspective on how reality TV can really influence popular culture, beyond being a form of entertainment.

Teresa returns from prison

The prison has been used several times in the “Real Housewives” franchise. Perhaps the most iconic and memorable prison story is the story of Teresa and Joe Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The situation shocked viewers as it played out on screens everywhere. Teresa and Joe had to serve separate sentences, and Teresa ended up behind bars first. Her return was perhaps one of the most emotional moments in the show, as her four daughters heard her appearance and ran into the kitchen to greet her. Their mother has not been free for 11 months.


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