The real car vending machine in Las Vegas


For most mortals with a normal salary, a vending machine is what gives drinks, chocolate bars, potatoes, condoms, small figures and toys, etc. In America there are also those that sell therapeutic marijuana and Snapchat glasses, and in Japan it is the auction with even used women’s underwear.

But what about a car vending machine? Not from toys, not even 1:10 scale radio control, or even Karts, but directly from real vehicles for road and city driving.

A car vending machine

The funny thing is that this is not new, since for example in Singapore they have since 2017 a luxury car vending machine that occupies 15 floors of a building and sells you right there from a current Lamborghini to a classic Ferrari GTO or Testarossa. And in the United States we have the Carvana company, specialized in selling new and second-hand cars over the Internet, which does the same.

The company has several car vending machines throughout the US, and it is news for having opened the first of its machines in Nevada, specifically in Las Vegas – which is rare that it did not have one of these machines. Vending machine number 28 occupies an 11-story building and houses up to 39 cars, and although they are not exactly super luxurious, there are Mustangs, Chevys and a selection of other more urban and small vehicles for all budgets.

Just like a slot machine

How does it work? First you have to search and buy the car online on the Carvana website and select ‘collect the used car from the vending machine’. Use of the vending machine for pickup is free, and home delivery is also available for buyers who do not have a vending machine nearby.

If the buyer chooses to pick up the vehicle from the car vending machine, a Carvana commemorative coin will be delivered by a customer service representative upon arrival. The buyer can then insert the hockey-puck-sized coin into a machine – shaped like a ‘slot machine’ by that of Las Vegas – and pull a lever to simulate winning a car on a slot machine.


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