The reaction of the sports world to the video of the protest against the hot dog contest


Joey Chestnut cooked 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes and won his 15th title in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. But the story of the day may have been related to dog #17.

In the midst of the competition, the protester tried to go to the center of the stage, in which Chestnut did not participate.

The sports world reacted to the massacre of Chestnut with an activist on social networks.

“The 16th hot dog title [check]. Won more than 20 dogs [check]. Hobbled with an injured leg [check]. A protester in a body bag in the middle of a competition [check]. Joey Chestnut, asshole,” Will Brinson tweeted.

“Holy [expletive] Joey Chestnut attacked a protester in the middle of a competition? I take back all my criticism, the best competition in the world is the USA number 1,” said another user.

“Joey Chestnut has just reached a new level of icon,” Ross Bohlen said. “Strangling the brilliant and strangling the protester is the most American thing you can do.”

“Holy [expletive] they should have added 10 to his bill for that choking protester Joey Chestnut with one hand.”

Some extra Fourth of July fireworks.