The reaction of the sports world to the sharp recognition of Dana White


The tide can lift all ships, but UFC president Dana White is in no hurry to raise the salaries of his fighters, even though his promotion around the world is growing exponentially.

In an interview with GQ, White made it clear that he is not going to raise the salary of fighters, despite growing calls for this, as the company continues to grow. He accused people that they “always have something to joke about” and that the fighters “are paid exactly as much as they are supposed to.”

“There’s probably always something to fight about… these guys get paid exactly what they’re supposed to,” White said.

However, MMA fans mostly don’t understand what White is saying. Many accused him of not knowing how little money his fighters end up taking home after spending, while he earns millions a year at their expense.

The issue of paying fighters has been controversial for years and has led to numerous contract disputes with some of the UFC’s biggest stars.

There are several ways to solve this problem, but all of them will require additional work on the part of the fighters. Unionization, better sole representation, or legislation would greatly contribute to solving the problem.

However, Dana White drew a line in the sand when it came to how to run her company.

However, like everyone else.


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