The reaction of the sports world to the scandal surrounding Michael Johnson


Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

USA track and field legend Michael Johnson disagreed with the time recorded at the World Championships in Eugene last weekend.

In particular, Johnson pushed back the official time recorded in the 100-meter hurdles.

Many athletes – some argue more than usual – beat their personal records in the race.

“I don’t believe that the time of 100 hours is correct. The world record was broken by 0.08! Installed 12 PB. 5 national records have been set. All the athletes looked shocked,” he wrote on Twitter.

After the publication of this tweet, Johnson was accused of racism for being biased against the Nigerian team.

He responded to these claims on Twitter.

“My job as a commentator is to comment. When interviewing the results of 28 athletes (not 1 athlete), wondering if the timing system was faulty, I was attacked, accused of racism and that I questioned the talent of an athlete whom I respect and predicted. win. Unacceptable. I’m moving on,” Johnson said.

Look at what athletics fans are saying in response to the controversy surrounding Michael Johnson.

Fans are upset that Johnson posted the tweet.


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