The reaction of the sports world to the possible verdict of Britney Griner


While WNBA superstar Brittney Griner languishes in a Russian prison, the prosecutor’s office is preparing to bring down the hammer on her during the upcoming sentencing.

Jim Heinz of the Associated Press reported on Thursday that the Russian prosecutor’s office insists on 9.5 years in prison. Griner pleaded guilty to various charges of cannabis possession.

The Phoenix Mercury superstar has been in custody in Russia since February, when she was charged after a small amount of drugs was found in her belongings. She pleaded guilty last month, which some believe will eventually hasten her return home as a result of the prisoner swap.

American sports fans can hardly believe how absurd this situation has reached. Although there are those who are happy to see her suffering, the largest contingent of reactions was her support:

Perhaps in past years, the United States government has long been able to secure the release of Britney Griner. Unfortunately, tensions between the United States and Russia have reached the highest level in recent decades.

The United States and many other countries have imposed large-scale sanctions against Russia because of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. In retaliation, Russia put Griner, like other Americans, in prison on charges that in previous years would have been dropped.

At the moment, only negotiations between American and Russian politicians can lead to Griner’s release.


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