The reaction of the sports world to the decision of Liz Cambage News


Shortly after agreeing to a “contract divorce” with the Los Angeles Sparks, Australian WNBA star Liz Cambridge announced that she was leaving the league “for a while.”

In her Instagram post, Cambage apologized for leaving Sparks the way she did, saying she wished it had ended on a different note before diving into her decision.

I have decided to temporarily retire from the league and hope that the WNBA will contribute to creating a safer environment and a stronger support system for its players. … I will use this time to focus on my healing and personal growth before clarifying past rumors.

The sports world reacted to the unexpected news of Cambage.

“Foresaw it,” Marcus Spears tweeted. “I hope she gets to a good place.”

“Liz Cambridge is breaking up with the league that has already broken up with her,” one user commented.

“In less than a year, she went from pretty to unemployed.”

In 25 games for the Sparks, Liz Cambridge averaged 13 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.6 blocked shots.


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