The reaction of the sports world to the comparison of Brittney Griner and Tom Brady


Britney Griner was sentenced to nine years in prison after she was found with cannabis oil at a Russian airport earlier this year.

Over the past few months, it has been discussed on social networks whether other famous athletes would be stuck in Russia if they found themselves in the same situation. This question came up again this week when someone suggested that Tom Brady would not suffer the same outcome as Griner.

“If Tom Brady had been arrested under the same circumstances [as Britney Griner], these same people would have called the Navy Seals for his release,” wrote Dave Zirin of The Nation.

This caused a lot of surprises on social networks. Some believe that Zirin’s opinion is correct and that Brady may already be home.

“It’s true, unfortunately.

Others believe that he will become a big trump card for Russia.

“You were not mistaken that the public response would have been much greater. Although I do not know if the result would have changed. Russia will be Russia,” said one fan.

“Maybe… but it’s more likely that they’ll just add 10 more prisoners in exchange!” said another.

Will the U.S. make more efforts to bring Brady home than they do with Griner?


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