The reaction of the sports world to Sidney Sweeney’s performance


On Friday night, actress Sydney Sweeney threw the first pitch before the Boston Red Sox met the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sweeney conquered the hill in a Boston jersey. The Euphoria star presented perhaps the best pitch of the evening from someone in a Red Sox jersey.

The Red Sox lost the game by a score of 28-5. No, it’s not a typo, Boston actually gave up 28 runs during a nine-inning game, 25 of which came in the first five innings.

Despite this, the fans were still happy with Sidney Sweeney’s first serve.

Some fans think she might sign with the Red Sox after becoming their best pitcher of the night.

“She was definitely Boston’s best pitcher that night,” one fan joked.

“The only Sox pitcher who didn’t give up last night,” another fan said.

Other fans don’t want her back and think she cursed the team. “It’s worse than Babe Ruth’s curse,” the fan said.

We’re not sure Sweeney will be back anytime soon.


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