The reaction of the sports world to Mika Sudo’s speech on Monday


Joey Chestnut may rule in Nathan’s famous hot dog eating competition in the men’s division, but Miki Sudo dominates the women’s division and reminds everyone how dominant she is today.

Today Sudo won Nathan’s famous hot dog eating contest by eating 40 hot dogs – the second result in her career at the iconic hot dog eating contest. She regained the title that Michelle Lescaut claimed in 2021, having missed it during maternity leave.

Thanks to her victory, Sudo increased her record number of titles to eight. This is more than all other athletes combined after the division split in 2011.

Fans of the competition were happy to see Sudo at the top again after her one-year absence. Some say that today it can become one of the best results in men’s competitions.

Mika Sudo’s dominance in food competitions, of course, goes far beyond Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. She has won more than a dozen titles in the last decade.

Ribs, wings, kimchi, turkey, salmon, sweet corn, pies, pepperoni rolls, tamales, chili peppers, gyros, asparagus, marmalades and many other products have fallen to her lot since she joined the competition in 2013.

Sudo ranks first in the world in eating among women and third in the world in eating among women of any gender. Her husband Nick is No. 4 in the world.