The reaction of the personal income tax world to unexpected news about betting on lions


On Wednesday, Caesars Sports insider Max Meyer reported that the most popular bet for July is the Detroit Lions for six wins in the 2022 NFL season.

In addition, Lions leader Dan Campbell received the most money overall to win Coach of the year, and D’Andre Swift received the most money to lead the league in yards.

The NFL world reacted to these popular bets on Twitter.

“Okay, the first two are definitely possible. Third— no. I love Swift a bit, but let’s be realistic,” one fan wrote.

“Someone has to finance these giant golden buildings and statues,” said another.

“It’s safe to say that I don’t have any more money in my bank account,” another added.

In his first season as the Lions’ head coach, Campbell led the franchise to a 3-13-1 season. The team’s first win came in week 13, but they finished the year 3-3. The Lions added some serious talent in this year’s draft, selecting hometown star Aiden Hutchinson at number 2 and receiver Jameson Williams at number 12.

Given the seemingly upward trajectory of the Lions, the first two bets on this list are quite real. The likelihood that Swift leads the NFL in yards is much less, given the fact that he has never exceeded 617 yards. The ascending third year of RB training is often used as a retaliatory attack.

What do you think about these frequent bets?