The reaction of the personal income tax world to the news of the Patriots’ retirement


A member of the New England Patriots who played a huge role in their historic return to Super Bowl LI called it a career today.

Running back James White, one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks who has been threatened for more than five years, has retired after eight seasons. The announcement came less than six months after he signed a two-year, $5 million contract extension with the team.

White was part of three Super Bowl teams, but his biggest contribution came in Super Bowl LI. In the second half of this iconic game, White had 139 yards to scrimmage and three touchdowns, including a TD in overtime that sealed the victory.

Patriots fans congratulate White on his career with both the Patriots and the Wisconsin Badgers in college. Many post some of his career highlights, including the aforementioned 2017 game winner.

James White was selected in the fourth round by Wisconsin in the 2014 NFL Draft. It was difficult to get Kerry, but he was able to catch the ball in the backfield and quickly became one of Tom Brady’s most constant targets.

Over the next few years, White would make 381 receptions for 3,278 yards and 25 touchdowns. He finished his career with 700 touches for 4,556 yards and 36 all-purpose touchdowns.

Canton will probably never name running back James White, but he holds a special place in NFL history. The bigger question will probably be whether the Patriots will give him a place in their Hall of Fame someday.


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