The reaction of the personal income tax world to the mass brawl at training on Tuesday


On hot days in camp, players tend to have less of a fuse. And at a joint training session of the Patriots and Panthers on Tuesday, a big fight broke out.

The one in which New England receivers Kendrick Bourne and Christian Wilkerson flew off the field along with quarterback Kenny Robinson.

The NFL world reacted to the fight on the training field on social media.

“FIGHT!” tweeted PFF reporter Doug Kayed. “The Panthers’ defense and the Patriots’ offense have been going on for a long period of time.”

“A huge fight has just broken out here. Blows have been struck. A lot of players participated in it,” said Evan Lazar from . “Christian Wilkerson was knocked to the ground, and from there everything escalated.”

“…A big fight between the Patriots offense and the Panthers defense after Christian Wilkerson caught the ball on the sideline,” NESN’s Zach Cox tweeted. “Kendrick Bourne started throwing punches. It also felt like Cole Strange was at the center of it.”

“A few minutes later, another fight broke out between Patriots center James Ferenc and Panthers forward Phil Hoskins,” Cox continued.

It’s getting hot out there.


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