The reaction of the NFL world to the shocking ending of “Jets vs. Browns”


The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets played a hell of a game Sunday afternoon.

The Browns were ahead for most of the game before the Jets snatched the game away from them in the final seconds.

It all started when Nick Chubb took his hand away and walked to the left, deep inside Jets territory. All he had to do was slide down on the first down marker, and the Browns could buy time.

Instead, Chubb scored, which gave the Jets time for a wonderful comeback. They scored to make it 30-24 and then played an onside kick before Garrett Wilson scored the game-winning touchdown with seconds left.

The NFL community is still shocked that the Jets were able to win this game.

The Browns need to get rid of this loss quickly. In just a few days, they will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.


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