The reaction of the NFL world to the news about the fights of the “big” giants


It is reported that the New York Giants are the last team to get into a heated fight at training camp.

According to Dan Duggan of The Athletic: “We had a BIG fight. It started with John Feliciano and Te Crowder. Cam Brown pulled Feliciano out of the scrum, and OL coach Bobby Johnson pushed Brown. Feliciano then punched Brown in the head. this is for the player.”

Adding: “The whole sequence started with Sakuon dropping his shoulder on Aaron Robinson with a little more physical strength than in practice. In the next draw, Crowder grappled with Antonio Williams. Then Feliciano went right after Crowder in the next draw and we left! ”

The NFL world reacted to the Giants’ brawl on social media.

“Some things never change, I guess, but wtf,” one fan replied.

“Are we serious,” another asked.

“LFG!” said another. “I love the intensity. If we’re going to lose, we can kill each other.”

“A coach getting into a fight is probably not the good thing I imagined,” the user laughed. “Who’s Bobby Johnson pushing Cam Brown?”

“What the hell is in the water at the Giants’ training bases?” asked Chris Dealey of FanSided. “That, plus a massive fight last August.”

A real scene from East Rutherford.


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