The reaction of the NFL world to the movie “The Perfect Dude” News – The Spun: what is trending in the sports world today


Noam Galai/Getty Images

Dude Perfect is set to broadcast a few Thursday Night Football games this season on Amazon Prime.

Per Front Office Sports,  the broadcast will be opposite of the main feed which will have Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit.

This sports-comedy stream is also set to perform stunts on stream. They’ll also perform dunks and tricks from their headquarters studio in Texas.

Dude Perfect has 58 million subscribers on YouTube and the plan seems to be to attract younger viewers.

NFL fans aren’t fans of this idea, based on their responses on Twitter.

Amazon is set to be the exclusive carrier of Thursday Night Football until 2033. The company is paying up to $1 billion annually for the broadcasting rights.


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