The reaction of the NFL world to the latest news about the punishment of Deshaun Watson


Earlier this offseason, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson was suspended for six games.

The NFL immediately reversed this decision and reportedly wants Watson to receive a full suspension for the entire season with a significant fine. With that in mind, Watson is reportedly willing to accept a harsher punishment than he previously received, but less than what the NFL wants to give.

According to the Associated Press, Watson is ready to accept an eight-game suspension and a $5 million fine.

Some fans believe that a settlement agreement is coming between the NFL and Watson’s camp.

“The settlement comes into force. The NFL would be stupid to check the NFLPA in court with threats,” the fan said.

“It’s literally the best—case scenario right now, and it probably won’t happen,” one fan said.

“The league is seeking a suspension of at least 17 games, a significant fine of more than $5 million and wants Watson to undergo examination and treatment, as determined by medical experts, before he can be reinstated. Why did they agree to this?” another fan asked.

Will Watson be suspended for more than six games?


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