The reaction of the NFL world to the assumptions of Julio Jones and the Packers


The Green Bay Packers are currently the favorites to sign free agent receiver Julio Jones.

Vegas estimates the Packers’ chances of signing Jones at +325. The three teams below them are the Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns.

There are rumors that the Packers are one of the main destinations for Jones in the offseason. They sought to delve into the receiver position after Davante Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Some NFL fans consider Jones’ signing with Green Bay a formality.

Jones spent the 2021 season with the Tennessee Titans, but failed during it. He appeared in 10 games and finished with 434 receiving yards and one touchdown out of 31 receptions.

Prior to this season, he had played the previous 10 games for the Atlanta Falcons and was arguably the best receiver in the league at that time.

Seeing Jones catch passes from Aaron Rodgers would be pretty cute. All Green Bay has to do is offer him a deal he can’t refuse.