The reaction of the NFL world to Baker Mayfield’s words about the Browns


With serious questions about the Browns’ quarterback situation in 2022, some wondered if the team would return to Baker Mayfield if the worst happened.

Don’t hold your breath.

Carey Murdoch from : “I asked Baker Mayfield if there was any chance of reconciliation with the Browns if they were without a quarterback this season. He said the Browns would have to reach out to start the process. Mayfield said he’s moved on.”

On Tuesday, the NFL world reacted to the latest news about the Baker-Browns relationship.

“Translation: “I’m not going to ever. Even if there is a fire,” Lindsay Ok wrote.

“So he’s gone, but he’s ready to listen if the Browns reach out?” asked Jonathan Peterlin of 92.3 “Fan.” “He doesn’t seem to have made any headway at all, then the Browns.”

“I’m not even a Baker fan, but it’s hard not to root for him at the moment,” another user said.

“That’s a question that needed to be asked,” Ryan Dunleavy remarked. “An interesting answer. Putting aside the grudges, it’s in Baker’s best interest to stay, play well with a good team and get a contract as a free agent.”

“Did you get up alone?” The text should melt the ice,” replied Aaron Ladd of KSHB41.

Deshaun Watson could be suspended for a year given his alleged behavior. If that happens, the Browns will invite Jacoby Brissett.

But they still have the former No. 1 overall pick on their list.