The reaction of the golf world to Tiger Woods’ rough performance on Thursday


It’s becoming clearer and clearer that while Tiger Woods can physically compete in a major golf tournament, he’s not in a position to fight right now.

Tiger Woods’ first few holes were about as tough as his worst years on the PGA Tour. He surpassed par by six holes on his first seven holes before finishing his first nine with a birdie.

His final score in the top nine was 41 and included two double bogeys. With the way the field is shaping up right now, he’ll probably need another 6-8 birdies on his last 27 holes to get through.

As you can imagine, Tiger Woods fans are worried. Even the most generous predictions come true with it:

Even if Tiger Woods is less than a year and a half away from that life-threatening car crash, it’s no wonder he’s struggling to keep up.

At the age of 46 and with so many body surgeries, he is bound to hit the ball sooner or later.

Tiger’s strong start at the Masters 2022 in Augusta has given many people the idea that he can regain his former glory and continue competing at a high level.

But his refusal to participate in the PGA Championship, skipping the U.S. Open and the current struggle in St. Andrews suggest that his performance at the Masters was the exception, not the rule.

Will Tiger Woods be able to recover from the current slump?