The reaction of the golf world to the fact that the announcer incorrectly called the name of Justin Thomas


Justin Thomas is one of the biggest names in golf. However, it seems there is at least one fan who still can’t get his name right.

When Thomas approached the first ball at the US Open on Saturday morning, the announcer began to introduce him.

However, the announcer misstated his name, calling him “Justin Thompson”.

“Now on a T-shirt from Louisville, Kentucky‚Ķ Justin Thompson,” the announcer said.

Thomas couldn’t believe it.

As do some golf enthusiasts.

“I think JT is one of the 10 or so guys in golf who fit the category of ‘couldn’t mess up his name.’ So it’s wild, especially at the U.S. Open,” said one fan.

“How can a newbie @USGA not know who @JustinThomas34 is??!!! Unbelievable #USOpen,” the fan commented.

“I really hope that he will fall today. His Twitter posts should be good. @JustinThomas34,” Mike Solarte tweeted.

It’s hard to ruin a name like Justin Thomas. Get it right next time, the U.S. Open.

Meanwhile, Thomas is currently leading the U.S. Open. The third round is already underway.