The reaction of the golf world to Phil Mickelson’s performance at the US Open


June was eventful for six-time major tournament winner Phil Mickelson. And not for any good reason.

Mickelson has been a central figure in the controversy surrounding the LIV Golf Tour, but was still eligible to join the U.S. Open at The Country Club this week. Unfortunately, he’s going to go home for the weekend.

Mickelson finished his second round at the Masters with a score of 73, which is 11 over par in the first two rounds. With only about a dozen golfers finishing below him, he’s confident he won’t make the cut.

Golf fans aren’t exactly shedding tears for Mickelson right now (except for a few diehard supporters). His decision to join the LIV Golf tour has angered countless fans across America. As a result, fans have been berating him for his fight since yesterday:

The public revolt against Phil Mickelson is largely due to the fact that he joined the LIV Golf tour, which is largely supported by the Saudi royal family.

To say that the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia is “heterogeneous” would be too likely. It is also noteworthy that the royal family was previously involved in the September 11 attacks, and because of this, Mickelson was called by family members of the victims.

In the meantime, Mickelson will have to lick his wounds, preparing for the next LIV Golf tournament.

The US Open remains the only major tournament Phil Mickelson has not won. It will be like this for at least another year.